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About Erica

Hi! I'm Erica, and I am first and foremost a color enthusiast, as well as a New Englander, and orchardist. I grew up in central Connecticut on a small fruit farm that and my family and I still operate today. My family and I take a lot of pride in our fruit, and good fruit depends very much on harvest time, which can be pinpointed by very tiny nuances in fruit color and texture. I attribute my love for color, and texture, to my very colorful upbringing.

I became interested in floral work a few years ago when I discovered what a wonderful and creative outlet floral design could be. I have always felt very connected to the outdoors.  I love the idea that gathering and arranging natural elements has such an impact on our souls that we do so to mark momentous events in our lives.

I am a firm believer that New England is beautiful all year round, and that gorgeous color and texture inspiration can be found even on the bleakest of winter days. I also feel that any floral design for the  moments in your life should be a reflection of you and should include some elements of nature in the place you choose to call home.

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